Group Lunch

menu of the month

We suggest...

Chicken platter with chicken tandoori souvlaki with tandoori dip sweet potatoes fries and pitta bread.

Seafood platter salmon and prawn’s souvlaki with sour cream dip and sweet chili, pitta bread and side salad.

Meat platter chicken souvlaki and beef ribeye souvlaki with halloumi cheese, grilled vegetables, sweet potatoes, pitta bread tandoori and mustard dip.

Vegan platter Greek gyros and Vegan Mexican style tacos with sweet potatoes fries.

Prawns platter with vegetable basmati rice and sweet chili dip.

Side Options

Choose up to two choices to share with the team.

Mellon platter, Watermelon platter, Quagamole dip, Spinach hummus dip, Greek salad, Tzatziki dip, Tahini dip, Assorted brownies, Raspberry cheesecake .

Have a special request?

Please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to create a bespoke menu, tailored for your best experience.